Your visual bookmark manager

Our Open Source Web app helps you gather your inspiration and resources. Store your bookmarks where it fits you.

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Don't lose anything

Save all your inspiration

Inspiration comes in many ways and you like to save everything from the Internet. Colllect helps you keep your inspiration in the same place from pictures to links, texts and colors.


Save your favorite pictures from all over the web. It could be static jpegs, pngs or animated assets like gif and video.


Write your next article idea, create a to-do list or just take some notes. Our note system uses markdown to create a powerful document.

Color Palette

Add the latest pantone of the year or just create a new palette that you just found.

Keep it clean

Organize your resources

Use collections to group your inspiration and tag your files to keep them nice and tidy. Always find what you are looking for.

Our purpose

Take control
over your interface

We wanted our users to have total control over their Collect. You will be able to choose where you want to host Collect and what storage you want to use.


We let you decide how autonomous you want to be, you can simply log in here and use our domain, or use your own.

  • Personal domain

Create an account and plug Colllect to your storage solution, you will have a 50MB limitation if you don't use any cloud service.

  • Dropbox
  • FTP
  • Amazon S3
Our values

Our objective is to build a solution that rely on nobody. You will own your bookmark and your interface.


We wanted Colllect to be database free. You can change your files to another storage, changing server and still have everything tidy.


Our web app is working on all differents devices, you will have access whenever you want to your inspiration.

Install Collect
on your FTP

Download and install an instance of Colllect on your personal server. Never lose your files again!

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